July 27

Still Swimming in Circles

And We’re Off.

So hopefully, this is our official launch.  We hope you’ll forgive us if it isn’t as slick and professional as you’d like but none of us are slick, professional writers either.  A lot of shaking down to do, lots of info to sift through, a ton of new improvements to the mod in the works.  Not sure what the ultimate format or direction  for this page is going to be yet but hoping to get some suggestions as time goes along.  In the meantime, “Here’s  a very brief and sketchy rundown on what we’ve got”.

As you most likely already know, Modern Firearms is geared to the more military style aspects of these types of games and does not really follow what has come to be known as “Fallout lore”.  This is intentional so don’t bother carping about it.   If your own preference is for “guns” that consist of a piece of half inch water pipe duct taped to a chunk of 2×4, that’s fine.  Just don’t come here and bitch because the rest of us don’t share your personal preferences.  What we have here on the left is a player character from the game (click image to enlarge) dressed and equipped solely… with the exception of the sunglasses… with clothing, armor and weapons from the Modern Firearms mod.  The standard under armor is a variation on the vanilla military fatigues and comes in several basic flavors (I just happen to favor the Spec Ops version of everything hence mine are all black).

The Majority of the armor is from Antistar’s excellent Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (DTO), used with permission and  which I’m sure most veterans of FNV will recognize.  Most of the original weapons were likewise ported (with permission) from various other well known mods, most of them from FNV, and reworked to play well with the FO4 engine and the mechanics which are the heart of the Modern Firearms mod.  So if you ever had a favorite weapon in FNV, there’s a good chance it’s in FO4 if this mod is installed.  The mod originated as a one man project by Idlesheep and since a) he wasn’t a modeler and b) he had no intention of reinventing the wheel but was out to add a new wheel or two, he decided to go the route  of working with existing modifications and adding certain variations of his own that would enhance the usefulness and operating capabilities of the weapons.

If I had to name my favorite among the innovations that he… and later the team that came together after the Nexus Mods Great Stolen Assets and Whorehouse Thursday Massacre (about which I will no doubt have more to say as we go along here)…  have included in later releases, it would be the ability to swap out mods such as firing modes, suppressors, bipods and under barrel attachments on the fly with a single keystroke, which negates the need to carry more than one variation of a weapon.  I’m sure others have their own favorites but that’s always been mine and I’m sticking to it.  There’s obviously a lot more to this project and we hope to get to most of it as time goes on but if you’re a Fallout 4 player and have seen enough to pique  your interest, the mod is currently to be found at  http://www.mediafire.com/file/60atggsen2koh6s/Modern+Firearms+2.5-1.4.zip

You also might find it worthwhile to check out the Modern Firearms Discord Channel.  That’s where you can interact with the members of the development teams themselves and get all kinds of neat details on what’s going on straight from the horse’s mouths as well as on many of the little tweaks that are being added on an almost daily basis… right now the hot topic is animations… as well as make suggestions of your own as to what you’d like to see added as time goes by.   It’s where we go to get most of the top secret squirrel stuff info we’ll be writing bout here on the blog too.

This is the latest video I could find but it’s fairly informative. Several additions and fixes have been added since then but for those of you unfamiliar with the mod it might help you get a basic idea of what’s in there.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKrZJ_SZ23Y  Again remember, they had to adapt vanilla animations which can be kind of jarring, especially in the case of pump action shotguns.  This is being worked on as we speak and hopefully will be addressed in a near future release.  Until then you might want to stick to the semi-auto scatterguns. 😉

Not sure whether we’ll set up an actual schedule (I’ve always hated deadlines), may just keep it on an “as we have anything new to report” basis but we’ll try to keep it timely.  We’ll be adding stuff from time to time based on what’s new with the team.  We haven’t really decided how we’re going to handle comments yet but you probably should be forewarned… we love a good discussion but if you come here to troll or simply bitch at or about someone, you’re gonna last about as long as a fart in a tornado, so don’t waste your time or ours.  Any suggestions you have for the mod will be passes along to the Dev Team.  Right now, working on a post about the team itself, who they are, where they’re from (all over the damned planet actually) what they do, etc.  Hope to see you back here soon.







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