August 5

New Stuff

Organized Disorganization or Disorganized Organization?

Well… it’s supposed to be my job to keep people informed of new developments  but when I took it on I had no idea the pace at which these guys would be developing new stuff.  Adding new weapons, adding new functionality to existing weapons, New features, new ideas… Damn, it gets to the point where I start to feel like a guy trying to catch artillery shells with a baseball glove.  I don’t think we’ll ever be able to do anything much more than try to hit the highlights here.  You really need to get you butt on over to and get an account set up so you too can marvel at the seeming chaos from which all the goodies somehow manage to arise.

New Guns

There are several new guns and a couple of launchers that the team hopes to include in the next public release.  Here’s a sneak peak at a few of them.  Sorry about the crudity of the screen shots.  These weapons are in the test stages now and already another bunch is on it’s way including one of my all time favorite shotguns.  We’ll try to keep you posted as to what you can expect but in the meantime, if you have a favorite weapon you’d like to see included head on over to the MF Discord channel and make your suggestions.  As long as the team can find public domain assets chances are your suggestions will be included in future releases.  Yes, that is a G3.  As far as I know, the only G3 in Fallout 4.

Why Isn’t Modern Firearms Hosted on NexusMods?

We get asked (a lot) why MF isn’t available on the Nexus.  This all dates back to when the mod was first introduced.  It was posted to Nexus during the Nvidia modding contest, of which certain groups had already determined who should be the winner.  Not going to get into a lot of detail here other than to say there were some industrial strength egos involved and a couple of mistakes on Idlesheep’s part in regard to permissions he thought he had but which had been “granted” by other than the actual authors.

The cults surrounding a couple of the self anointed gurus of Nexus modding immediately started blathering about “stolen assets” (to this day you can still see some of the diehards spewing about stolen assets whenever MF is mentioned over there) and Sheep agreed to take the mod down until the situation was cleared up.  Note that the mod was taken down by the author at the request of the admins at Nexus until the questions could be resolved one way or the other, instead of being banned, along with Sheep himself, as it would have been had there been any actual “stealing” involved.

The mod was cleaned up… matter of a model or two out of the dozens that were utilized in building the mod… and the mod could have been reposted to Nexus within a week or so HAD IDLESHEEP CHOSEN TO DO SO.  He didn’t and as far as I know from what I’m being told right now, he won’t.  MF, at least for the PC,  has been offered mainly through back channel distribution until now (and has still managed to be one of the most downloaded mods in Fallout history) when the team that rallied around Sheep after the above described situation finally settled into a channel on Discord and is self hosting the files themselves on Mediafire… (latest public BETA release).

Edit: Just learned that the suggestions channel at the Discord site has been shut down due to the overwhelming number of suggestions for new weapons.  The plan is to shut it down until they can catch up with the backlog and then re-open it.  You can see what I mean about stuff happening too fast to keep up with. 😉








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