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MF Plays Well With Most Other Weapon/Armor Mods

MF’s Armors Work Great With Other Under Armor Sets.

Since MF’s own under armors are based on vanilla assets, namely the various fatigue sets, the Dragonskin belts, vests and holsters included in MF work well with just about any clothing or armor thin enough to be used as an underarmor.  In the pic an MF  ERT tactical holster and BDU cap are being worn worn with the underarmor from another mod and I’ve used various pieces with most of Elianora’s Armor Compendium mod.  I just wanted to check the compatibility of Modern Firearms with other mods out there and it would appear that the opportunities to mix and match are virtually limitless.

Just a quickie here.  In case anyone is wondering how much attention to detail these guys actually pay, here’s the change log from the latest release.  I get to wander around the back alleys of the development channels and watch these guys talk about what needs to be done.  While it can be hard to keep up with sometimes, this is the kind of thing you’ll see being discussed.  The only question they ever seem to consider is, “Will this change enhance the realism of the weapons in the mod?”.  If the answer is yes, they go for it and if it doesn’t make it into the mod it’s usually because of limitations of the game engine, because the team is working way ahead of the curve in most cases.

Modern Firearms 2.5-1 to 2.5-1.3 changelog

Added the UMP and MP5’s .40 S&W conversions to spawn lists, so they’ll show up in the wild now.

Fixed an issue with the right leg armor not having all the right Misc mods available.

Triple-checked that the new TA31 ACOG is properly zeroed. It may still be slightly off, but it’s close enough that you won’t miss long as you aim for center-mass.

Fixed an issue with the TA31 turning into the old 3.5x ACOG when removed, requiring you to craft another to re-attach it. May have broken the old 3.5x ACOG in the process, but since it’s knackered anyway no harm done.

Fixed the Saiga’s 20 round drum so that it actually holds 20 rounds, instead of the original 30.

Added COBJ (Constructible Object) records for the AR50’s three flash hiders (A2 birdcage, AAC 51T, Yankee Hill Machine/YHM Phantom).

Reduced the frequency of MF-specific loading screens from 30% to 5% after people complained about them popping up too often (and I agree).

Re-wrote almost all of the MF-specific loading screen tips for better grammar, clarity and a bit of lulz. Kudos to anyone that gets the Metro reference/quote about shotguns.

Moved the ACOG and ELCAN optics from the “Weapon_Allow_Scope” keyword to “Weapon_Allow_Smaller_Optics”, so they can now be used on belt-feds, like they should have been from the jump.

Corrected the naming convention on the WA2K’s custom barrel.

Added a missing keyword to the SIG 550 series STANAG/normal grip receiver so the magazine options will show up now.

Added accurate weights to all the suppressors and optics

Corrected naming errors on the ACOG sights and edited their descriptions to reflect their features/functions.

Removed references to broken TA11H ACOG, replaced with functional TA11F. TA11H can still be crafted, but isn’t even close to zeroed.

FINALLY remembered to fix the [MF Custom] RPK-74 spawning sans barrel.

Removed references to some OMOD entries that were stripped out early on in the 2.5 build. This won’t impact anything on the user’s end, just did it because having those references left in made building the damage patches more difficult than it should’ve been.

Added the DSR suppressor to the “ModList_AR50_Muzzle_Any” mod list, so you should start seeing suppressed AR50s spawning around level 35 or so.

Added the TA31 3.5x, the 4x ACOGs and the ELCAN M145 optics to the spawn list for M60 and FN Minimi optics, they should start showing up around level 25 or so.

Added the “OPS MBS” and “Surefire SOCOM 338” suppressors to the FAL’s muzzle options, they should start showing up in the wild around level 25 or so.

Edited names and descriptions for some of the suppressors and flash hiders for better accuracy. The “KAC GS” suppressor has been renamed to the proper GemTech G5, the actual KAC suppressors now have their real names, the Ops Inc MBS can has been renamed to reflect the fact that production shifted back to the original builder/company, Allen Engineering, and that we used the model of the largest can they make.

Removed the “AimModelRecoilShotsForRunaway” modifier from all the suppressors, so they should kick a fair bit less now. That value controls how many rounds you can get off before recoil spikes to whatever the max is, so removing it entirely seemed like a good idea.

Edited the shotgun suppressor loading screen with new text and a new image/static.

Edited the static used for the AR50 load screens so the AN/PEQ isn’t showing in an impossible mount location. Specifically, just tore the thing off >.> might re-attach it properly later though.

Replaced the old C-mag and AK drum magazines with new, higher-quality and better-optimized models/textures.

Added missing RAS_L keyword to various AK handguards, so now everything that looks like it should be able to mount things on either side actually can.

Added missing property/value to the Aimpoint M2/3X magnifier [3X] sights so they have properly altered AP use in VATS. Was too lazy to check all the other optics though, so may have missed one – if so, let me know, it’s a quick fix with FO4Edit.

Added .308 C-mags for the FAL and AR-10 rifles. They should start showing up in the wild around level 30-35 or so.

Added not one, not two, but four new suppressors. For the regular rifles (anything with the “Weapon_RIFLE_Regular” keyword), added in the YHM Phantom 30 Light Tactical and the AAC Ti-Rant 45M, while the bolt-actions and AMRs (so anything in .338, .50 BMG or .50 Beowulf) now have the AAC Cyclops (big-ass .50 BMG can) and the Bowers Vers50 (originally designed for the .50 Beowulf, but it’s rated for damn near everything else that’ll fit thru the bore). All new cans are fully functional with the switch script, however there’s a roughly one second delay between hitting the key to run the script and the script actually running. It *only* happens with the cans, and I have no idea why. They’ve also been added to their respective leveled lists, so they should start spawning in the wild around level 30-35.

Fixed issue with the Uzi’s stock so mounting it actually properly increases accuracy rather than somehow making it worse.

Re-implemented Cemology’s AK-107/108 barrel. At the workbench it’s locked to the AK100 series of receivers, but in the wild it can show up on any AK (and I mean any – even seen it on a few AKUs).

Added a 5.45x39mm AK drum to complement the new AK barrel.

Added missing .BGSM files for Aliens Alpha, Aliens Bravo, Coyote Brown, Ghost, MACO and Marijuanaflage DTO vest textures. CADPAT Arid is still missing a diffuse map, so ignore that one for now. And of course, the limb armors are still WIP, currently only the five default colors work.

Fixed camo textures for the various holsters as well. All patterns now available there.

FINALLY fucking fixed the [BDU] Military Uniform under-armor so it no longer looks like a bad acid trip.

Removed lens glare/reflection from all red-dot/reflex sights.

Fixed shotgun range, enemies should engage at reasonable distances rather than the previous “bitch-slap from God” routine.

Fixed Dragon’s Breath shotguns being insanely valuable. They now sell for the same price as any other shotgun with the same mods.

Uber-boosted bash damage for all the guns. Base bash DPH is now 25% of base weapon DPH.

Added bayonets for the AK family and AR15 family of rifles. Full and blade-only versions depending on if you mind the severe clipping issues or not, all added to leveled lists.

Buffed the Uzi’s base DPH so it’s identical to the other SMGs.

Slightly buffed base DPH on all .308 weapons from 150 to 160.

Slightly buffed the 20mm anti-tank gun’s base DPH from 350 to 360.

Slightly buffed all the SMGs (MP5, Uzi, UMP, AR-57) from 50 to 52 base DPH.

Added two new tiers to the Dragonskin Vest armor, along with three new matching tiers for the limb armors. Note: Tier V armor won’t even show up as a crafting option until level 50, and has high-as-hell perk and material requirements.

Integrated JackArbiter’s “Button Lowered Weapon” mod. Just press-and-hold whatever your normal “holster/draw/reload” key is to lower your weapon, then press again to holster. Works with any and all weapons from any and all mods, including those that have custom animations.

Fixed animation issue with bolt-action rifles being held at weird angles in third-person. FINALLY.

Included missing BGSM and texture files for the KRISS Vector magazines, so they shouldn’t be turning purple again.

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