October 2

Just a Quickie

Sorry we haven’t been around much lately.  Lot of real life crap to get through plus the fact that there isn’t a lot of hard fast news about the mod yet.  We do have a little skinny on the most advanced of the ideas being kicked around as V3 begins to come together and of course tweaks continue to be done on V2.5.x so it’s not as if the team is sitting around not doing anything but mainly that with the influx of new people we’ve had in recent months the number of suggestions, tweaks, proposals and the like have increased almost exponentially.  We would like to share some of the more concrete proposals with you today.  Remember, anything you read here today is subject to change in the actual release.

Separate Armor/Weapons Mods

One of the ideas that appears to be headed toward inclusion in V3 is the separation of the armor and weapons categories into two separate Mods.  In other words, a Modern Firearms mod and a Modern Armor mod.  This is being done for a couple of reasons.  #1, the mod is rapidly becoming to big for BethNet’s britches and #2, because it’s also becoming too big for XBone’s britches.  And while I’m not an actual developer and speak only as a lay observer, I think splitting it into two separate mods will make it easier for the gang to work on in the long run.

Lover’s Lab

OK, I’ll wait for all the snickers and giggles to get done and then say that Modern Firearms 2.5.4 is now hosted at Lovers Lab along with a number of other NON-ADULT mods for the Fallout series.  A lot of people don’t realize that while they’re most noted for adult mods, that’s not all they have.  If you’re looking for something not available at the “regular” sources, it won’t hurt to check their download section


After months of being told that Modern Firearms would not be returning to Fallout 4 Nexus it now appears that the developers might be considering uploading V3 there.  It will be interesting to see if it meets with the same reaction its mere mention used to invoke amongst the sycophants and fanboys/girls that make up a huge part of the Nexus audience these days.  I certainly hope it’s simply accepted for what it is this time around.  It is after all, one of the biggest most downloaded mods in Fallout history and it really needs to be offered on the premiere Fallout mod site.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Weapons HUD

Remember the Selective Fire mods for FNV that show you everything you need to know about your equipped weapon, and allow you to make on the fly changes in your setup that are displayed on the screen?  We’ve got one of those in the works.  It appears at present to have an indicator for just about everything you would need to know… ammo type, number of rounds, fire mode, underbarrel, etc.


Sorry for the lack of  visuals this issue.  Just launched a new rig and am having to build my AV stuff from scratch.  Will try to have it fixed next time around.


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