October 5

Starting To Catch Up

Image on the left is a quick reminder of just some of the new weapons planned for MF V3.  Not all of them by any means but hopefully a viable example.  I’m personally looking forward to the G3 as it and the G36 have always been two of my favorite mod added Fallout weapons.

A couple of days ago we touched on some of the new features and tweaks that were being worked on for V3 and over the next few posts we thought we would try to go into a little more detail on some of them so you’d have some idea of why nobody can give you even a reasonable estimate as to its release date.   One of the most radical changes we’re hoping to see is the new control module for MF weapons being developed by Zoomah,  which would function as part of the game HUD/Menu systems, is MCM compatible and which allows you to control virtually every aspect of your weapons loadout ingame.  The system already exists in prototype as seen in THIS VIDEO.  (Sorry about the video not being embedded but this version of WP is a tad finicky on video file sizes and how it handles formatting for videos.  We’ll be working on a way to get around that as we go along.)  Bear in mind that this is a prototype only and the developer working on it may make any number of changes in it before you actually see the end result in your game.  The system is a huge expansion of the Mod on the Fly system that has been part of the last couple of releases and which has relied on the FO4 HotKeys system originally developed by  registrator2000 and which will now be adapted to work through the superb Mod Configuration Manager by the same author.  Things just don’t get a huge bunch better than this.

As we also touched upon earlier, the main mod is scheduled to be divided into two separate mods with Modern Sidearms being integrated into Modern Firearms and the armor section being spun off into it’s own mod.  This has a few different reasons but utmost among them is that we’re starting to push the limits on mod sizes for both XBox users and uploads to Beth Net.  It has also allowed for an expansion of the armors with a ton of new camo patterns being developed by our armor retexture guru, Kaity and hopefully we’ll be seeing an expansion of the armor types as well as camos as we go along.  I myself would like to see a return to the old Tac Harness from CUTE in which you could actually attach various items to the harness at the bench.

Other Stuff

Back to Nexus?  As we mentioned the other day, it looks pretty likely… like a foregone conclusion… that MF3 will be posted to the Nexus.  This is a major change of direction for the dev team and one that required a lot of thought but apparently some of the old wounds have healed to the point that they can be dealt with at least as far as the team is concerned especially in view of the fact that members of today’s team weren’t even around back then and it was Nexus against one man.  We’ll have to see how it goes with some of the mod’s most adamant and even downright hateful detractors.  There were a lot of things said and done that can’t be unsaid or undone so the best we can hope for is that everyone on both sides of that “controversy” that never should have been can simply move on from this point.

Bethesda.  While it’s my own personal opinion that Bethesda shot itself in the foot by electing to put all their eggs in the console bucket while telling PC customers of years standing to basically take a flying leap, I’m not going to dwell on it.  Well, not much anyway.  Just understand that any opinions you see here over my name are MY opinions and not necessarily those of Darkheart, the Dev team or the members of the Discord group in general.  If I’m editorializing, and there are going to be times when I will be, I’m speaking for nobody but myself and anything I say should be taken for what it is, one person’s personal opinion.





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