October 7

A Few Words to the Not So Wise

So you’ve stumbled across this place and now you’re anxious to be off to the MF Discord Channel… you ARE off to the MF Discord Channel, right?… can’t wait to make your opinions known and grace the development team with your fantastic new ideas as to what the mod should have and the changes that should be made.  If you do, make damned sure you read the rules and regulations and the FAQ before you go marching in and start telling the Development Team how they should be running the place.  The FAQ posted will explain a lot of the dos and the don’ts of dealing with the staff people.  They’ll be glad to help you as much as they can but they also have this huge mod thing… remember the mod thing?  Their reason for being there in the first place?… they’re working on and every minute they spend trying to explain something to you that’s already explained in the Rules & Regs and the FAQ is time taken away from the mod.  To save yourself getting all butt hurt and/or outraged after you go to all the trouble of getting signed up and ranked, here’s the FAQ in it’s entirety.  Might print it out and hang it somewhere close to your screen for quick reference if you plan to spend a lot of time with the MF gang.

Q: Can u plz poort dis mod 2 ps4!? A: No. For the love of the Goddesses people, do some research before asking stupid questions.
Q: The updated date changed on the mod page!! Did you finally update the mod?? A: No. The date changed due to it being taken down by erroneous reports & restored. Please, unless one of us on the Team specifically states that the mod was updated, assume that there was no update.
Q: Can you add — gun & — armor please? A: Not right now. We have our hands full with literally 100+ requests for guns & some others for armor already. Please no more suggestions right now.
Q: Can you please use/add — animation!? A: No. We have pretty much any animation we’ll need for the time being. We just need to rig them. Please no more suggestions right now.
Q: Can you split the mod into different mods for the different gun types/platforms? Like one mod for AR & one mod for AK & etc? A: No. Because of the way the mod is set-up & how many universal parts the weapons share between each other, it is literally impossible to break the mod up into different mods for each respective weapon platform. We will not do it, so don’t ask again.
 Q: Does Modern Sidearms work with 2.5-x.x? A: Yes, MS is compatible with both 2.4 and 2.5-x.x.
 Q: Can you split the armor off into it’s own mod? A: We are in the process of doing this right now. We are reaching a limit with BethNet uploads, where splitting the armor off from MF into it’s own mod, is the only viable solution in order for us to keep supporting MF on BethNet. However, MF may end up as a dependency/required mod, for the armor mod to work. We’re not sure what we’re doing yet.
 Q: Y U NO UPDAYT XBONR VERSHUN!?!? FUK U PC EL33TUS SCUM!! IM DUN WIT DIS MOD!! A: We won’t answer your question because you won’t accept anything we have to say to explain why it’s taking forever to update the Xbone version. Sorry. You’ll have to learn to be patient. Otherwsie, the door is right there and you’re free to leave whenever.
Q: Can you please make a compatibility patch for — mod & MF/MS? A: No. We have too much work on our hands currently. If you’d like to see a compatibility patch made between — mod & MF/MS, please contact the Mod Author of — mod & ask if they can make a compatibility patch between their mod & MF/MS.
Q: Why are all the guns so OP? It makes the game unbalanced! A: The weapons have such high damage because the aim of this mod is to bring realistic weapons into the world of Fallout. Along with realistic weapons, comes realistic damage. If the damage is too much, please consider downloading a 25%/50%/75% damage patch. A search on BethNet should get results for Xbone patches from Dukman for 2.5-x.x & from Wolfdie for 2.4 & under. Otherwise, check the Pinned Messages in the Changelogs channel for DL links to PC Damage Patches.(edited)
Q: This mod sucks! It’s so big & all the textures are super low quality & all the animations are broken & just fuck you! A: Firstly, watch the attitude. You’re a guest in our server. BethNet’s babying rules about so called “bullying/insulting/vulgarity” don’t apply here. So, if you’re gonna come in here fists flying, you’re gonna get your metaphorical teeth knocked down your metaphorical throat with a metaphorical rifle butt. SO CHILL THE FUCK OUT!  
Secondly, if you think MF/MS is big now, you’d be seriously surprised that it’s as small as it is, compared to if we had 4K Textures rather than the current less than 1K, 1K & 2K Textures. As an example, go look at any Single Weapon mod, such as the Walther P99 Mod on the Nexus and look at the file size for the 4K Texture version. Pretty big for ONE dinky pistol, eh? Now, times that by about 12, just for MS. Huge, yeah? Okay, now imagine all the textures for weapons, armor & various other things in MF at 4K. Suddenly, the mod size is unbelievably huge, right? Yeah. That’s why we have the textures at such low res. Now, with that realization out of the way, would you rather spend a very, very short time to download 1 or 2 GBs & take maybe several minutes for your Mod Manager of choice to install MF? Or would you rather spend a whole day downloading upwards of 20 or so GBs, just for MF mind you, & have to let your MM of choice try & choke down then push out an install of such a massive mod? And don’t lie to yourself. Thought about it? Good. Thought you wouldn’t want that. (edited)
Thirdly, we’d like to see you try & develop a mod of this size. Let’s see you try to coordinate a team, so that all of the people know what’s being done, so someone isn’t wasting time doing what one other person is already doing. | Let’s see you try & reach out to get perms for models, anims, feature integrations, etc. | Let’s see you try & convert models into the right format, cut them up into necessary components, then try & rig animations to all of them. | Let’s see you try & make custom animations. | Let’s see you try to make custom scripts. | Let’s see you try & texture the weapons. | Let’s see you try & create an ESP & create a literal METRIC FUCKTON of coding. | Let’s see you try to find & squash the tiniest of bugs, hidden deep within a literal headache inducing mass of code. | Let’s see you patiently & professionally handle a bunch of people just like your whiny, immature self in a public “safe-zone” BethNet thread, like we do on a near daily basis. | Let’s see you try & do something on the size of what we’re doing & deal with what we have to deal with every day. | We can promise you, you won’t get very far trying to do all this in 4K Textures, with perfect animations, no bugs, while professionally & patiently dealing with “self-entitled” & whiny users & all the while trying to keep it small, all at the same time. Sound too daunting of a task? Sound too difficult? Don’t know a damn thing about game/mod development? Yeah, we thought so. So sit down, shut your trap & don’t let us see/hear you say another peep of complaining, criticism, whining or bashing us, until you know, understand & have experienced exactly what we do on a DAILY BASIS!!(edited).


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